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How to Choose the Perfect Fundraiser

Let our expertise help you determine which fundraiser is best for your group! The following questions should help you narrow down your best choices for fundraising for your particular group.

Do you have already have a particular fundraising program or product you are looking for?
If yes, look down the left hand menu and click on that particular link. Feel free to email us with any questions that you may have on that fundraising program or product.
Not sure yet what you are looking for? Let's see if we can narrow this down a bit.
Please choose one of the following:
  1. Click here if you are looking for a Hands-On Sale. This program is where you have your product and are selling it outright. This includes products like candy, 2 yr planners, mugs, pizza cards, discount cards, scratch boards, spirit products, etc. These direct sale programs do require some upfront cost unless you are approved for our 30 day credit terms because you are taking possession of products.
  2. Click here if you are looking for a Brochure Type Sale. In this program you use a brochure and take orders for particular products. These fundraising programs include Holiday Shoppers, Gift Wrap, Candles, Cookie Dough, Boxed Chocolates, Nuts, Cheesecakes, etc. These programs are the best because you have no upfront cost with these programs.
  3. Click here if you are looking for a Christmas Shoppe. This is limited to Elementary Schools only. It is a Christmas Gift shop for the children to purchase gifts for their family and friends on a child's budget.
  4. Click here if you are looking for Spirit Items. These include items like stadium blankets, spirit face paints, mugs, mini football shakers, spirit stix, stadium seats, etc. These are normally personalized and require prepayment with no return policy.